The educational continuum in general healthcare

This work package aims to investigate the impact of an ePortfolio along an educational continuum following three different perspectives:

  1. Continuity between educational levels within the same healthcare profession (e.g. HBO5-nursing and bachelor nursing); and within different healthcare professions (nursing, midwifery, speech pathology, audiology, podiatrics, rehabilitation therapy, oral health)
  2. Continuity between internships at home and abroad
  3. Continuity after graduation

The ultimate goal is to visualize competency development in the newly designed state-of-the-art ePortfolio.

Cooperation through subcontracting: Mw. Marijke Verfaillie en Mw. Frances Martens, IVV Sint-Vincentius Ghent

The focus group interviews that took place for work package 1 also yielded interesting findings for work package 6. The different steps of a science-based model for supporting workplace learning in healthcare were evaluated. In this way the areas for improvement within workplace learning were revealed. This study will be presented at the CARE4 conference from 7 to 9 January in 2022 in Ghent.

In addition, we conducted a review of the current use of the ePortfolio in general healthcare. And because it is important to use a clear and workable competence framework, a Delphi study was set up to validate the CanMEDS competence framework within the general health care system. Both studies will be presented on 8 and 9 March during the virtual INTED conference in Valencia.

Who to contact?

PhD student WP6
Project Researcher