Farewell word from intern Arno

We said goodbye to intern Arno Verhofstadt. He wrote a farewell word:

"I had the pleasure to be an intern for eight weeks at SCAFFOLD. Together with Anissa All, we focused on user and innovation research to create a first prototype for the ePortfolio. It were eight fascinating weeks in which I had the opportunity to work on different tasks, including my own research project that was dedicated to an innovative feature that will make the ePortolio unique. In addition, I was warmly (digitally) welcomed into the research team of SCAFFOLD, a team that expresses creativity, knowledge and (a lot of) enthusiam! The many meetings we had were always a true pleasure to me, but must of all extremely interesting to be immersed in the SCAFFOLD project.

If you ask me? The SCAFFOLD project can really make a difference in the future because we let the end user actively participate in the thought process. This talented team at SCAFFOLD will succeed in developing an ePortolio that can support students and mentors during workplace learning. For me, it was therefore an honor to give my contribution to the SCAFFOLD project!"

We wish you good luck in your further career Arno and hope to see you soon!