Below is an overview of all publications within the Scaffold project.

WP4: Use of multimedia and focus on interdisciplinary collaboration in mother and child care

Marieke conducted a Delphi study to validate a competence framework for postgraduate paediatric training. These results can be found in the European Journal of Paediatrics (see link below). It can be a nice step in the process of competence-based education, something that is becoming more and more important to guarantee a quality education.

WP5: Programmatic Assessment of General Practitioners’ medical competences

In a portfolio, it is important to record a starting situation. In general practice training, an aptitude test is taken at the start of training to formulate a learning agenda. Read more in Vasiliki's publication via the link below.

WP6: The educational continuum in general healthcare

Oona conducted a Delphi study on competency-based education in health care. The completeness of the CanMEDS roles as well as the relevance, formulation and measurability of the key competencies were assessed. Read all about it via the link below.