Robbrecht Marieke

PhD student WP4
Project Researcher
UGent, UAntwerpen

As a medical student, Marieke was highly interested in education and feedback, whereby she volunteered as a studoc (student-docent) in the communication lessons for the bachelor course during her master’s degree. In 2017, she graduated in Masters of Medicine and started as a post-graduate student in general practice at University of Antwerp. Mid 2018 she switched to be trained as a paediatrician, where she found her true passion. Interested in scientific research, but also in training by giving courses as an instructor in the youth movement, the SBO-Scaffold project puts all her interests together. From February 2020 on, she is working as a doctoral student for work package 4, focusing on mother-and-child health care. She continues to complete her clinical work through the University of Antwerp.