Workplace learning encompasses many components ranging from theoretical and pedagogical concepts to the development and implementation of practical tools. This project aims to develop a state-of-the-art ePortfolio that includes all those components as much as possible.

Our hallmark is that the ePortfolio is based on scientific research and we strive to build a socially relevant project that supports the educators or professionals to optimize learning in the workplace. One of our objectives is to maximize the dissemination of the research results through the development of a center of expertise offering advice and training at the request of the professional field.

Some examples:

  • How do you set up high-quality training for mentors and internship supervisors?
  • How do you develop and validate a competency framework?
  • How do you build a competency-based curriculum in the workplace?
  • ¬†...

Do you need training or advice? Send an email to