Embo Mieke

PhD Promotor WP2, WP4, WP6
Work package leader WP6
Projectmanager WP7
UGent, Arteveldehogeschool

Dr. Mieke Embo is director of the Midwifery department at the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Ghent, Belgium), project manager of the SBO-Scaffold project and post-doctoral researcher at the Educational department of the University of Ghent (Belgium). She studied Nursing, Midwifery and Masters in Health Sciences and Management and defended her PhD at the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands): Integrating Workplace Learning, Assessment and Supervision in Healthcare Education. Her special interests include competency-based education, workplace learning, ePortfolio design, quality management and change management. She is a member of the management board of the Flemish Association of Midwives, a member of the Belgian Planning Committee for Midwives (Belgian Health Ministry) and co-chair of the Education Standing Committee of the International Organisation for Midwives.