Master's thesis topics

Below we list all master's thesis topics that are open. Contact us if you are interested by sending an email to:

Ongoing master's theses

Master's thesis Noortje Jacobs (2021)

Noortje is a nurse and a Master's student in Nursing and Midwifery UGent. The aim of the master's thesis is to develop and validate the competence profile of Nursing Specialist. Noortje's supervisor is Prof. Dr. A. Van Hecke (UGent), assisted by Elsie Decoene (UZGent), Dr. Mieke Embo (UGent, Artevelde University College) and Prof. dr. Dr. E. Goossens (UAntwerpen).

Master's thesis Sien Bervoets and Estee Michiels (2021)

Sien and Estee are midwives and master nursing and midwifery students at the KULeuven. The aim of the master's thesis is to develop and validate the competence profile of Midwife Specialist. Prof. Dr. A. Bogaerts (KULeuven), Prof. dr. Dr. K. Beeckman (UAntwerpen, UZ Brussel), and Dr. M. Embo (UGent, Artevelde University College) are the supervisors of Sien and Estee.

Master's thesis Ellen Allaert (2021)

Ellen is a doctor-specialist in gynaecology-obstetrics training at Ghent University. She conducts research into the development and validation of a competence framework for the Advanced Master's degree in specialist medicine in gynaecology and obstetrics. Ellen is supervised by Prof. Steven Weyers (promoter), Prof. Tjalina Hamerlynck (co-promoter) and Marieke Robbrecht (support from the project).

Master's thesis Michiel Vandorpe (2021)

Michiel is a student of Masters in Educational Sciences at Ghent University. As part of his master's thesis, he will investigate which factors facilitate and hinder the switch from a paper portfolio to an ePortfolio. For this he works together with the HBO5 nursing course of IVV Sint-Vincentius. Michiel is supervised by Prof. Dr. Tammy Schellens (supervisor) and Sofie Van Ostaeyen (supervisor).

Finished master's theses

Master's thesis Arno Meiresonne (2021)

Arno is a physiotherapist and master student of the shortened educational master's degree in Ghent University. Arno conducted research into motivational factors regarding the use or not of an ePortfolio in physiotherapy. Arno was supervised by Dr Mieke Embo (supervisor), Oona Janssens (co-supervisor) and Dr Veerle Duprez (supervisory director).