Policy, Legislation, and Ethics

The research group Law & Technology will map policy, legal, and ethical challenges of using ePortfolios in the different healthcare curricula.

They will develop a legal compliance framework and a code of ethics to ground ePortfolio implementation in the different workplace learning settings.

Current research

This work package brings pressing legal questions to light and tries to analyze them in an applied way. After all, the aim is to develop an ePortfolio that complies with the applicable legislative frameworks.

During the first year of the research project, the focus was on respect for privacy within the ePortfolio. We answered some questions about data protection, such as:

  • Who is the responsible party for the processing of personal data within the ePortfolio?
  • Can (health) data be processed in the ePortfolio at all?
  • Can a patient legally consent to the processing of their personal data for training purposes?

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