User-centered design and prototype development

This work package aims to deliver a technically and functionally validated ePortfolio prototype and proof of concept that accommodates the needs and wishes of every stakeholders group involved in workplace learning in healthcare (eg. Students, trainers,and supervisors form workplaces and educational organisations).

The research group for Media, Innovation and ICT at Ghent University will is responsible for the realization of this work package, since user innovation research is central for this work. This package commences from exploring and defining ePortfolios requirements for workplace learning and assessment in healthcare curricula. Afterwards, these requirements will be translated into design opportunities. Several design aspects will be evaluated in a real-life setting, and design commendations will be provided based on these evaluations. Currently, there is no company developing ePortfolios involved as partner in the project, the prototype will be developed by a still to be determined developer once requirements for the proof of concept have been formulated.

Current research

To develop an ePortfolio that accomodates the needs of every end user, they are all involved in the development process. Students, mentors in the workplace as well as internship supervisors affiliated with a university (of applied sciences) were invited in the past year to map out current workplace learning in focus groups. This revealed some issues:

  • Formulating and following up on goals
  • Stimulating and registering learning moments
  • No possibility to register ad hoc oral feedback
  • No clear overview of the attainable and already acquired competences of the student
  • Superficial reflections and little feedback on reflection
  • End users are not stimulated enough to add content to their portfolio
  • There is little interaction between the different end users

We are currently developing the first prototype. Here the focus will be on capturing feedback & learning moments in the workplace through audiovisual material and speech-to-text technology. A first version of this prototype will be ready by the end of January.

Future research

In online co-creation (brainstorm) sessions, we looked for solutions to the above problems using innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data and speech technology. Based on the results of those sessions, a first prototype of an ePortfolio (module) will be developed and evaluated.

In February we will evaluate this prototype through user tests. This will lead to some recommendations to optimise the prototype by the end of April.

Afterwards, we will start with the development of a second prototype, in which the focus will be on the easy configuration of competences and evaluation methods of these competences by the programmes themselves. In this way, the prototype can be adapted to the needs and wishes of each training.

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