Training and user procedures

The aim of this work package is to develop online operating procedures and evidence-based training programs to empower ePortfolio users in their different roles in the workplace (learning, assessment, supervision).

This work package focuses on the development of online usage procedures and training to enable ePortfolio users to perform their learning, assessment, and/or supervision role(s) in the workplace. The aim is to align and test generic procedures and agreements on ePortfolio design, involving various stakeholders (students, teachers, workplace supervisors and educational institutions).

Current research

Training is described in the literature as one of the critical factors for a successful ePortfolio implementation. Yet much remains unclear about the design and outcomes of such ePortfolio training. That is why we conducted a scoping review to bring together research describing the design and outcomes of ePortfolio training. The results of this scoping review were compiled into an article that was submitted to a scientific journal. As soon as the article is published, you will find more information about the results here!

ePortfolios are used in many different ways. Even within the various health care colleges in small Flanders, universities of applied sciences and universities use an ePortfolio in different ways. Based on a document analysis, the ePortfolio processes of different schools were mapped and compared.

Read the executive summary of the research report here

The researchers responsible for work packages 4, 5 and 6 each conducted a Delphi study to validate the CanMEDS framework in their own context (specialist medicine, general medicine and general health professions). By going through this process, they gained a lot of experience in validating a competence framework. These are important insights that may also be of interest to other researchers and professionals. Therefore, as part of work package 2, an overarching study was conducted in which the researchers were interviewed about their experiences in conducting an online Delphi survey. These experiences were compiled in a research report that describes the advantages and challenges of this method. Moreover, tips are given on how to deal with these challenges. All insights were also visualised in an infographic. This can be a first tool for others to determine whether an online Delphi survey is a suitable method for their development process.

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Future research

In the coming months, ePortfolio training courses will be designed, developed and tested on topics related to ePortfolio use. These topics will be determined based on the literature and our own previous research (e.g. focus groups conducted in 2020).

A first training we will develop will be about personal data. This training will be developed in collaboration with the WP3 researchers. When testing the first prototype, this training will be part of the research. The intention is to evaluate the design of the training and its results.

The other topics are still 'in progress'. As soon as there are updates about the training programme, you can read them here!