Training and user procedures

The aim of this work package is to develop online operating procedures and evidence-based training programs to empower ePortfolio users in their different roles in the workplace (learning, assessment, supervision).

This work package strives, from an educational perspective, to align and test generic procedures and agreements around ePortfolio design by involving the various stakeholders (students, teachers, trainers, workplace supervisors and institutional organisations). The research in this work package will comprise a broad perspective and will increase our understanding about  learning, assessment, and supervision process required for delivering high quality healthcare education by using ePortfolios, or embedded in the delivery of high quality healthcare education through ePortfolios.

Current research

Users should receive training to attain an optimal use of the ePortfolio. But research into so-called training courses is limited. We therefore bundled all available information into a review. Our goal is to eventually formulate some recommendations for the development of an appropriate training based on the results.

In contrast to the training courses, there is a proliferation of definitions for the ePortfolio. In order to arrive at an appropriate description of the SCAFFOLD portfolio, we analyzed all existing definitions and came up with our own definition. The results are discussed later in a scientific article.

Future research

Future research will focus on designing, developing and testing training with different users of the ePortfolio