Use of multimedia and focus on interdisciplinary collaboration in mother and child care

During a doctoral project, the ePortfolio proof-of-concepts will be validated in the multidisciplinary setting of pediatric, obstetrics and gynaecology training programs by developing and validating a specific competency framework.

Besides implementing a multimedia assessment tool, this work package will also explore how an ePortfolio can stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration within this healthcare setting.

Joint Phd: UGhent and UAntwerp

Current research

This work package supports the elaboration of the ePortfolio within the training for medical specialist. The focus is mainly on the courses within Mother and Child Care. This year we organized focus groups in which the strengths and areas for improvement of workplace learning within the training were revealed.

With a Delphi study we validated a competence framework for pediatric training. We also support a similar Delphi study within the Gynecology / Obstetrics course.

Both studies are presented on two online conferences: EAP 2021 en INTED 2021. You can read the abstracts here.

Future research

Future research will focus on the development of a multimedia tool that should support workplace learning, as well as the development of support for the interprofessional collaboration within Mother-Child departments.

SCAFFOLD project introduced to education committee of Master of Medicine in Specialist Medicine (UGhent)