Use of multimedia and focus on interdisciplinary collaboration in mother and child care

During a doctoral project, the ePortfolio proof-of-concepts will be validated in the multidisciplinary setting of pediatric, obstetrics and gynaecology training programs by developing and validating a specific competency framework.

Besides implementing a multimedia assessment tool, this work package will also explore how an ePortfolio can stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration within this healthcare setting.

Joint Phd: UGhent and UAntwerp

Finished studies

This work package supports the elaboration of the ePortfolio within physician specialist training. The focus is mainly on training within Maternal and Child Care.

  • Development of an integrated competency framework for postgraduate paediatric training: a Delphi study

Aim: To validate a competency framework for paediatric training, in order to provide support for this training.  

We are currently collaborating with a master's thesis within gynaecology, where the same exercise is being made. We are still looking for ASOs who want to include the technical skills component as a master's thesis. Be sure to get in touch if you are interested in this!

Results: The Delphi study was published in The Journal of Pediatrics. You can read the full article here:

  • Focus groups

Aim: We organised focus groups to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of workplace learning within training.

Results: Apart from many other interesting findings, two important issues emerged that we will develop further within this work package:

  1. There is a need for a clear competence framework  
  2. There is a need for more direct observation

Ongoing studies

Besides the multimedia tool, a tool will also be developed to support interprofessional cooperation within mother-child departments.

The focus groups highlighted the need for direct observation. We want to achieve this by implementing video within the hospital walls to support the training of junior doctors. We will achieve this by conducting a study at the University Hospital of Antwerp in the Intensive Neonatology Department, in which the ASOs film themselves during certain actions in the department. In a first phase, we mainly focus on the effect of video on self-reflection. In the next phase, we would like to look at how external feedback is influenced by it.


SCAFFOLD presented to education committee Master Specialist Medicine (UGent), April 2021

The presentation of this session can be downloaded below:

INTED 2021 (International Technology, Education and Development), March 2021 and EAP 2021 (European Academy of Paediatrics), April 2021

Marieke presented at these conferences both her Delphi study and her study stemming from the focus groups and focusing on supervisors' and doctors' assistants' perceptions of workplace learning. The abstracts can be found below.

AERA (American Educational Research Association) conference, April 2022

Sofie, Clara, Oona, Marieke and Mieke presented the Scaffold project at the annual AERA conference. The use of video during workplace learning was explained by Marieke. You can read the abstract here:

INTED conference, March 2022

The literature review that preceded the video study protocol was presented via a poster titled: "Students in the picture: How to improve workplace learning through the use of video recordings".

 You can download the poster here:

NVMO conference, May 2023

In a roundtable session, we presented the Scaffold project and discussed the challenges of collaborating with different disciplines and the future of ePortfolio. You can read the abstract below: