This overarching work package aims to monitor and promote cohesion between all work packages. Each work package will be realised by a specific team.

Although each work package will be realised by a specific team, this work package encourages researchers to connect the results, discuss them critically, and formulate new ideas. This work package is characterized by co-creation and innovation. Besides the different research teams, the project will receive input from an extensive user group consisting of numerous experts at home and abroad. We aim to build a workplace-learning network in healthcare in order to disseminate results and to develop new projects with interested partners.

Our goal remains to build an expertise centre around this theme. All ideas and questions can be emailed to We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Current research

2020 was the first project year of the SCAFFOLD project. In February - just before the outbreak of the corona pandemic - the project was launched live. This happened under great interest from professionals who train students on the shop floor on a daily basis.

2021: We have sent an interim report to the FWO. Like many, we have worked mostly online because of the Covid pandemic. This has obviously been a challenge, but we can say that as a dynamic research team, we have managed to make good progress with the SCAFFOLD project.

2022: On 21/04/2022 we presented our project results for the first time at the International Education Congress AERA 2022 in San Diego. The abstract and presentation can be found here.

On 20/09/2022, we presented our research results at an interim event at De Krook. Below you will find a poster of each work package with the main research results presented at the event

SBO SCAFFOLD in numbers


  • Meetings with steering committee: 11
  • Meetings with User Group: 6 + 5 Australia
  • Publications: 8 + 3 under review
  • Presentations, conferences and studydays: 27 + 3 planned
  • Master's theses 3 + 10 in progress
  • Internship: 2
  • External questions: 32
    • 16 educators
    • 7 hospitals
    • 3 companies
    • 2 professional organisations
    • 4 abroad
  • Events: 2 (launch and mid-event)
  • Newly submitted projects: 6 (2 accepted, 1 rejected, 3 in review)


As researchers, we would like to develop a co-creative and innovative centre of expertise in the field of ePortfolios and workplace learning in healthcare. We are therefore proud to announce that we are receiving more and more requests from home and abroad.

In Belgium, the topic is becoming more topical as Minister Vandenbroucke sent a letter to healthcare providers on 17 December stating that the law of 22 April 2019 on quality practice in healthcare will come into effect on 1 January 2022. The (digital) portfolio is an important instrument for demonstrating competence and skills. You can find the letter below.

Who to contact?