This overarching work package aims to monitor and promote cohesion between all work packages. Each work package will be realised by a specific team.

Although each work package will be realised by a specific team, this work package encourages researchers to connect the results, discuss them critically, and formulate new ideas. This work package is characterized by co-creation and innovation. Besides the different research teams, the project will receive input from an extensive user group consisting of numerous experts at home and abroad. We aim to build a workplace-learning network in healthcare in order to disseminate results and to develop new projects with interested partners.

Current research

2020 was the first project year of the SCAFFOLD project. In February - just before the outbreak of the corona pandemic - the project was launched live. This happened under great interest from professionals who train students on the shop floor on a daily basis. In difficult circumstances, we managed to make good progress with the SCAFFOLD project with our dynamic research team.

Future research

We visualize current and future realizations as much as possible on this website. Our goal is to develop a center of expertise around this theme. All ideas and questions can be emailed to We plan a study day at the end of 2021 where the researchers will share their first results.

Who to contact?